Caring for your machine

Have you been dianosed with sleep apnea? Are you under the care of a physician? If so they may assign you a CPAP or BPAP machine depending on your specific needs. The next question is how to care for your machine so it can be the most effective in its use.

A short overview of what Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA is and the problems this medical condition causes.

The clinical definition is a patient's muscles and tissues in the throat and air passage relax while sleeping, and this impedes the flow of air into the lungs due to a blockage of the airway. Generally this event occurs many times over the the time of sleeping especially during the REM phase (deep sleep). To be diagnosed you must have an apneic episode for 10 seconds repeatedly through out the night.

This can lead to fatigue, difficulty focusing and irritability. If sleep Apnea is left untreated this can result in serious health issues such as heart attacks and strokes.

CPAP therapy which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Therapy is a machine that allows constant air pressure through a tube and out of a CPAP machine. Traditionally a nasal mask was used but there has been new innotative and more comfortable technology in the recent years. CPAPS with Flex or EPS technology will allow for relief during the exhaling process.

BiPap machines are able to help with the inhalation and exhalation during your sleeping. This is extremely beneficial as it offers a backup mechanism in the case of cessation of breath.

Most users of both the CPAP and BPAP machine state they feel better are happier and are able to rest much more easier at night.

When caring for your CIPAP AND BPAP machines machine you should use distilled water in the humidifier this allows for less mineral deposit buildup. A hard white mineral deposit has been known to allow mold to grow. It is necessary to clean your machine each morning and do not re use the water. If you are not able to obtain distilled water then use bottled water.

Your CPAP or BPAP hose is what connects the machine or the humidifier to the mask. The standard hose comes in a six foot length but you can purchase eight or ten feet length hoses also. Your hose will function much better and last longer if each morning you detach the hose and allow it to air dry. Remember to remove the hose by grasping the rubber ends and not the hose itself. Along with prolonging the hoses lifespan this will help stop germs from building up inside of the hose and perhaps prevent you from getting a cold.

If taken care of properly CPAP/BPAP hoses can last for a year or even a little longer. They should always be replaced when there are signs of wear. This would include dry and cracked areas on the inside lining.

You should also wash your mask daily with warm water and a baby shampoo. Let it airdry. Never use any form of antibacterial soap on your mask as this will eat into the rubber tubing and cause the mask to disintergrate. Masks can be replaced every three months but should at least be replaced every six months.

Take good care of your CPAP or BPAP machine and the rewards will be a restful night and a bright morning.


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